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Workplace Safety Solutions that Make Work Safe Workplace Safety Solutions that Make Work Safe

Workplace Safety Solutions that Make Work Safe

Are you struggling with training? Do you need guidance on which products best suit your needs? We are the credible partner you are looking for.

Featured Safety Services

First Choice Safety seamlessly integrates with your team and employs a proven human performance safety observations and coaching strategy to ensure your employees and contractors have the oversight and resources needed to complete any task safely.

Our Technical Rescue Teams are comprised of experienced professionals, both active and retired professional firefighters, and emergency medical professionals who are renowned for the extensive training, capability, and safety concuss approach they provide to our clients each and every time.

In many cases, OSHA requires employees to be trained in the safety and health aspects of their jobs. Other OSHA standards limit certain job assignments to certified, competent, or qualified employees. 

Where We Make Work Safe




Transmission and Distribution


Water Treatment and Distribution

Construction and Infrastructure

Construction and Infrastructure


Industrial and Manufacturing

Emergency Services and Defense

Emergency Services and Defense

Our online store is coming soon! We're excited to start offering reliable life-saving equipment.