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Special Operations Training

Safe and effective rescuers need hands-on training to develop the necessary skills for mission success. First Choice Safety Solutions has long been regarded as a leader in Safety and Rescue services and training. Our extensive expertise and industry experience have led to public and private sector clients utilizing our specialized training and consulting services to prepare them to respond safely and proficiently when called upon. Our training capabilities include open enrollment and contract classes in Rope Access, Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, and Hazmat among many others. First Choice Safety Solutions method of "learn by doing" is what sets us apart from other training providers.

Rescue Training Courses:


  • Rescue Fundamentals Refresher (core skills refresher for teams and departments)
  • Confined Space Rescue Technician NFPA 1006 Equivalent or proboard
  • Rope Rescue Technician NFPA 1006 Equivalent or proboard
  • Trench Rescue Technician NFPA 1006 Equivalent or proboard
  • Urban Lead Climber
  • Tower Rescue
  • Rope Movement Workshop (Intro To Rope Access)
  • Arizona Vortex Workshops 1 and 2 day
  • Monopod And Bipod Workshop
  • TTRS And AHD Workshop

  • Hazmat Industrial Emergency Response
  • Awareness, Operations, and Technician
  • Chemistry For Emergency Response
  • Incident Commander
  • DHS/WMD Hazmat
  • Incidents
  • Clandestine Lab Response
  • Incident Safety Officer: Hazardous Materials
  • Lithium Battery response training
  • Officer Development programs involving Hazardous Material


  • Industrial Fire Brigade - Incipient
  • Industrial Fire Brigade - Interior Structural
  • Machine Rescue Operations
  • Industrial Rescuer (Confined Space And Rope Rescue Hybrid
  • For Industry) Level 1 And Level 2
  • Small Team Industrial Rescue considerations
  • Confined Space Rescue without Tripods
  • Lightweight Rope Systems for Rescue

  • The engine company rope rescue (FIRST DUE setup the rescue)
  • Officer Development (ex., Size Up, Command & Control, Administrative)
  • ISO and NFPA 1710 & 1720 mandatory annual training
  • Foam for the fire service
  • RIT (FAST) Training NFPA 1407
  • RIT Command & Control Company Officers
  • Bailout/ Escape System Training
  • Consultant on NFPA, OSHA, and ISO requirements
  • Annual Live Fire Training and Audit
  • Administrative Training (ex., SOP development, Needs & Risk Assessment, developing control plans, grant writing)


Years of Experience & Knowledge At Your Disposal

Our experienced teaching staff all hold nationally recognized Instructor and Technician Level Certifications in multiple rescue disciplines, in addition to decades of municipal and private sector emergency response experience as Sector Managers, Chief officers, Company Officers, Firefighters, and Rescue Technicians.

We serve public and private sector organizations nationwide, and want everyone we serve to succeed. Guided by seasoned instructors, students will work through skills acquisition to solve realistic rescue scenarios under real-life conditions. This type of applied learning allows students to readily employ the knowledge and skills gained through our classes in actual rescue-response situations. 


State of the Art Training Facility 

  • Classroom Space
  • Rope Access Training Center
  • 3-Story Confined Space and Rope Rescue Training Structure

Our training center boasts a diverse array of structures and obstacles that closely resemble those encountered in industrial and urban environments. Including communication towers, industrial ladders, platforms, vertical and horizontal access openings, roofs, edges, and immersive Confined Space simulations. These simulations replicate common features such as Tanks, Vessels, Silos, Storage Bins, Hoppers, Vaults, Pits, Manholes, Tunnels, Equipment Housings, Ductwork, Pipelines, Below Grade, High Angle, Vertical Entry, Horizontal Entry, Simulated IDLH, Non-IDLH, and more.

The focal point of our training center resides in the multiple levels of stacked shipping containers and engineered truss systems. These innovative structures provide a versatile platform for various work-at-height and rescue training scenarios. Participants will face immersive simulations that challenge their skills and abilities, catering to individuals at any skill level.

Our meticulously engineered training props have been purpose-built to merge innovation, versatility, and efficient learning. By focusing on real-world scenarios, we ensure that participants gain practical experience and develop essential skills in a controlled yet realistic environment.

Training is always available off-site at a location of your choice.

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