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Workplace Safety Services

Beyond Compliance

Your project must adhere to strict safety standards, and the safety coordination of contractors and staff can be a daunting task for almost anyone! First Choice Safety seamlessly integrates with your team and employs a proven human performance safety observations and coaching strategy to ensure your employees and contractors have the oversight and resources needed to complete any task safely.

Our Health and Safety Compliance services will ensure your project goes according to plan, keeping your team safe and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Dedicated Safety professionals provide expert advice and services to help you maintain safety compliance during maintenance outages and turnarounds.

Safety auditing and inspections are critical for protecting your workers, contractors, and business. We have the knowledge to keep your workplace safe and provide lasting compliance advice and solutions.

Emergency response drills are essential to keeping your business safe. Our team can help plan and execute drills and exercises that will help you prepare for any emergency.

Our safety professionals provide expert advice and in-the-field safety resources to help your staff and contractors stay safe on the job. Dedicated project safety support makes your project safer and more productive.

Our short and long-term staff augment is the perfect solution for organizations that need to fill a skills gap quickly and cost-effectively. We can provide your organization with one or several qualified safety professionals for as long as you need.

Starting from scratch? Not sure about the state of your current program? Our experts will comprehensively evaluate your safety program and provide meaningful solutions for compliance.

Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is essential for any business. Industrial hygiene monitoring helps to identify and address potential health risks in the workplace before they become a problem.

We are the solutions provider that companies who are struggling come to for help. We have the experience and knowledge to bring your stalled safety committee alive and ensure employees are actively engaged and have a conduit to be heard.

Our video production team develops custom, safety orientation videos that help your employees, contractors, and guests understand the hazards of your site and how to stay safe.

Falls are one of the most common causes of serious workplace injuries and deaths. Whether you need to put a plan in place for an at-height project, or make sure your equipment is safe beforehand, we've got your back.

From the first spark, our team steps into action! Our fire watch surveillance team members play an essential role in keeping the workplace safe from fire hazards.