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evaluate the risks & protective measures

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

First Choice Safety Solutions provides comprehensive industrial hygiene services to anticipate and recognize workplace hazards, evaluate health risks, control exposures, and confirm the effectiveness of protective measures for chemicals, biological, and physical agents. This includes OSHA-regulated chemicals such as crystalline silica, hexavalent chromium (Cr VI), methylene chloride, formaldehyde, asbestos, lead, cadmium, ethylene oxide, formaldehyde, and many others.


General Industrial Hygiene Services:

  • Identification of Industrial Hygiene injuries & illnesses (Nonfatal illness, respiratory conditions, skin diseases,poisoning, hearing loss, & repetitive stress injuries)
  • Identification of Industrial Hygiene Hazards (Environmental, Chemical, Biological, Physical, & Ergonomic)
  • Provide Specific Recommendations of Elimination or Control through Appropriate Measures (Administrative Practices, Job Site Design, Tools,
    & Training)
  • Written Procedure Development and Update
Industrial Hygiene Services:

  • Periodic, Active, Passive, Surface, Integrated, Continues, or Worst-Case Sampling
  • Construction Site Sampling, Analysis, & Monitoring
  • Indoor, Outdoor Sampling, Analysis, & Monitoring
  • Employee, Position, or Task-Specific Sampling, Analysis & Monitoring
  • Industrial Hygiene Program Development, Review, and Recommendation
Focused Industrial Hygiene Sampling, Analysis, & Monitoring for:

  • Facility Noise Mapping & Personal Dosimetry
  • Respiratory Protection Assessments & Fit Testing
  • Welding Fume Metals Profile
  • Metals Profiles
  • Volatile Organics Profiles
  • Silica Profile
  • Asbestos Analysis
  • Hexavalent Chromium Analysis
  • Viable Bacteria
  • Legionella Analysis

Hierarchy of Hazard Controls


anticipate hazards & have a plan in place

Let's Address Traditional Industrial Hygiene Problems

We're ready to work with you to address traditional industrial hygiene problems and challenges encountered in the workplace.

On-site support for IH programs:
  • Hazard, Exposure, and Risk Assessments Using Quantitative Approaches
  • Hazard and Risk Communication
  • Engineering Control Design
  • Written Procedure Development and Updates
  • Auditing and Inspections for IH Program Elements
  • Air Monitoring
  • Noise Surveys

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