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Safety Auditing & Inspections

We've assisted hundreds of clients with facility and program auditing needs. Auditing provides our clients with a means to evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of Health and Safety program elements, identify gaps in Safety management systems, communicate needs, and prioritize corrective actions as needed. Whether you need to conduct a large system-wide or corporate audit program for a single facility or multiple locations, we've got you covered.

Auditing and Inspection Services:

  • Comprehensive or Targeted OSHA Compliance Audits
  • Occupational Health and Safety (or EHS) Management Systems Audits
  • Laboratory Safety Inspections
  • Other Health and Safety Program Audits (corporate standards, best practices)
  • Construction Safety Inspections
  • Equipment or Facility Safety Inspections
  • OSHA Citation Response Assistance
  • Accident and Near Miss Investigations
Our Staff Covers Various Certifications and Industries


Our Staff Covers Various Certifications and Industries

Our auditing staff includes Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH), Certified Safety Professionals (CSP), and specific degrees, accreditations, and certifications in various genres such as Occupational Health & Safety, Facilities & Environmental Engineering, Vocational Education, Criminal Justice, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Science.

We use this experience to conduct audits against regulatory and corporate requirements, including industry best practices and other standards (e.g., OSHA, NFPA, ANSI, or ASTM standards). Then we deliver timely peer-reviewed audit reports utlizing industry best practice familiarity, and support post-audit recommendations and follow-up activities to ensure that implementation occurs and discrepancy resolutions are achieved.


Providing a Systemic Approach for Managing Safety Risks

Any safety management system (SMS) aims to improve safety by building on existing processes, demonstrating corporate due diligence, and reinforcing the overall safety culture. An effective safety management program is crucial in operating and growing your organization, especially in high-risk industries.

First Choice Safety Solutions can evaluate the effectiveness of company programs through an in-depth safety compliance audit. This will be accomplished by soliciting plant personnel and management opinions, conducting in-person inspections and audits, and noting workplace safety improvements and awareness.

We'll also help clients establish a health and safety inspection program or assist with conducting inspections as part of routine operations, for high-hazard tasks, or during remediation or construction activities.

Providing a Systemic Approach for Managing Safety Risks


Proven High-Impact Injury and Incident Reduction Techniques

An effective SMS is implemented by adopting procedures and practices that follow the 12 Core Elements. They help to achieve high safety performance expectations, and go beyond compliance with regulations to establish the foundation for zero injury performance.

Let First Choice Safety help you implement these 12 Core Elements

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