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Never underestimate the risks of working at heights

Fall Protection & Equipment Inspection Services

Falls are one of the most common causes of serious workplace injuries and deaths, yet many employers overlook the inherent risks of working at heights. Whether you need to put a plan in place for an at-height project, or make sure your equipment is safe beforehand, we've got your back.

Fall Protection & Equipment Inspection Services:

  • Fall protection assessment 
  • Fall protection rescue planning
  • Fall protection planning
  • Functional hardware and nylon product inspections
  • High angle rescue
  • Access & Rescue Planning 
  • High Angle Rescue service
  • Full reporting on equipment inspections, storage conditions, etc.
Establish an Effective Fall Protection Program


Establish an Effective Fall Protection Program

Without an effective fall protection program in place, your
employees are liable to fall from overhead platforms or into recesses in floors. First Choice Safety Solutions has the experience and know-how to develop a fall protection program for your company. Our team begins with the elements outlined in the ANSI Z359.2-2007 standard and expands where necessary to meet your organization's unique needs including:

  • Site specific fall protection assessment of the workplace
  • Identify the hierarchy of fall protection controls for work being performed
  • Provide recommendations for specific fall protection controls
  • Passive fall protection, active fall protection, and specific body wear
  • Utilize up-to-date OSHA standards and plant specific policies
  • Offer post-implementation training to ensure your workers abide by it and reduce the risks of working at heights


Evaluate Current Equipment or Assess What You Will Need

The service includes a "sight and touch" functional inspection of hardware, nylon products (including rope, webbing, and anchoring components), harnesses, and accessory equipment (including litters and stretchers) utilized in confined space/high angle applications. The inspection will be conducted in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and will satisfy the requirement for an annual inspection by a competent person.

anchoring components

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