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we are a sprat company premier member

Rope Access Training

SPRAT recognizes three tiers of rope access technicians; each level requires progressive experience and responsibilities. First Choice Safety Solutions maintains SPRAT Company Premier status and regularly hosts training courses that qualify candidates to perform work at each of the levels outlined below.


General Prerequisites For SPRAT Rope Access Training:

  • Students must complete the below coursework over four training days, followed by one assessment day
  • Students must be a minimum age of 18 years old
  • Recertification happens every 3 years
  • Due to equipment limitations, must have a maximum body weight of 280 pounds

SPRAT Rope Access Level I

SPRAT rope access level 1 training teaches the fundamental skills required to work safely on two-rope systems and prepares for the SPRAT Evaluation written examination.


  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • No prior experience necessary

Course Covers:

  • Level 1 knots
  • Equipment inspection, maintenance, and use 
  • Ascending system use 
  • Descending system use 
  • Transferring from rope to rope 
  • Belaying methods, techniques, and best practices 
  • Short and long re-belays 
  • Passing knots in ascent and descent 
  • Work seat or bosun's chair use 
  • Two-rope system load movement 
  • At-height rope worker situational discussions, including fall factors, minimum breaking strengths, and safe working habits  
  • Job safety awareness 

SPRAT Rope Access Level II

SPRAT rope access level 2 is an intermediate-level course designed to teach experienced technicians new skills with an enhanced emphasis on efficiency and productivity.


  • SPRAT Level 1 certification, with at least six months of experience 
  • 500 hours or more of documented rope access work as a SPRAT Level 1 technician  


  • Management communication and awareness
  • On-the-job safety  
  • Mechanical advantage system principles  
  • Pull-through anchors 
  • Load-sharing anchor techniques  
  • Rope system theory and analysis  
  • Cross hauling 
  • Rescue hauling  
  • Aid climbing  
  • Rescue techniques and applications
SPRAT Rope Access Training

SPRAT Rope Access Level III

This is the highest level achieved under the SPRAT program. Significant experience and ability is needed to succeed in Level III training, which includes advanced leadership, rigging, and advanced rescue skills.


  • SPRAT Level 2 certification, with at least six months of experience  
  • 500 hours or more of documented rope access work as a Level 2 technician

Course Covers:

  • Job safety analysis
  • Highlines
  • Guidelines
  • Anchor system awareness
  • Pickoff through knot rescues
  • Advanced Aid traverse rescues
  • Pickoff through re-belay rescues
  • Pickoff through rope-to-rope transfers
  • One-person and team rescue scenarios

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