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You can't predict an emergency, but you can plan for one

Emergency Response Planning  and exercises

Emergencies and disasters can strike anytime or anywhere. If you and your employees are forced to evacuate at a moment's notice, would everything go smoothly? If not, take advantage of our customized emergency response planning services. We understand that the actions taken in the initial stages of an emergency are critical. A prompt warning to employees to evacuate, shelter, or lockdown can save lives, and providing complete and accurate information in a public emergency services call can be critical so the correct equipment and responders are sent to help.

Custom development of emergency response plans (ERP’s) for:

  • Operations
    Organizational Chart
    Emergency Contact
    Black Plant

  • Natural Hazards (Weather)
    Tornado & High Winds
    Hurricane or Tropical Storm
    Blizzard or Winter Storm
  • Emergency Events
    Injury or Illness
    Electrical Shock
    Conscious or Unconscious
    Environmental and Hazardous Materials
    Unintentional Release of a Chemical
    Fire/ Explosion
    Incipient Stage Fire
    Large Fire (Beyond Incipient)
    Confined Space
    Emergency At Height Rescue
    Rescue other
  • Threats
    Bomb Threat
    Suspicions Package
    Unauthorized Entry
    Unstable Worker
    Active Shooter
    Cyber Security

  • Transportation Accidents
    Motor Vehicles
    Motorized Equipment 

plan, develop, and implement emergency response

Be Ready When Disaster Strikes

Emergencies can come in many forms, and they can affect your organization in a variety of ways. Your employees' safety could be at risk, your operations may be disrupted or even shut down, or the facility itself may be damaged.

First Choice Safety Solutions has years of experience dealing with unexpected emergencies, not only from the facility side but also as an emergency response unit. These experiences give us a holistic understanding of these situations, so we're perfectly positioned to assist you with emergency response planning, development, and implementation. 

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