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Workplace Safety Classes

Highlines, Guiding Lines, and Victim Movement

Due to the "recent" changes to NFPA 1006 2021 5.3.6, Rope Rescue Technicians are required to be able to "move a suspended rescue load along a horizontal path." If it has been a while since your Technician class, or you would like to build your competency in this area, this class is for you! This 16-hour two-day class will start with a short classroom session to explain the rigging principles involved. The rest of the class time consists of practical, hands-on evolutions. Some of the evolutions to be covered include cross hauls, high-angle offsets, and skateblocks. Winches and all three types of mechanical advantage systems (simple, compound, and complex) will be utilized to complete evolutions. Both types of "reeved" systems will be covered (both English and Norwegian). Overviews and usage of SKED and Arizona Vortex Tripods will be included in the skills performed. All equipment is provided.

Class Location: First Choice Safety Solutions Training Center

Duration: Two days

Upcoming Highlines, Guiding Lines, and Victim Movement Events