Safety Committee Coordination


One true test of an organization’s commitment to safety is listening to its employees. A safety committee should be established to increase and maintain the interest of employees in health and safety issues, and to use awareness and training activities to convince managers, supervisors, and employees that they are primarily responsible for the prevention of workplace accidents. First Choice Safety Solutions believes in helping to make health and safety activities an integral part of the organization’s operating procedures, culture, and programs. We strive to provide an opportunity for the free discussion of health and safety problems and possible solutions, and believe informing and educating employees and supervisors about health and safety issues, new standards, and research findings is of paramount importance to the backbone of your organization. First Choice Safety Solutions can assist you with setting up and maintaining your safety committee, help reduce the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses, and assist in ensuring compliance with federal and state health and safety standards.



  • Issues and Actions Identification 

  • Issues and Actions Accountability 

  • Issues and Actions Correction 

  • Monthly Safety Training 

  • Safety Alerts (industry based)