Contractor / Visitor Site Orientation Services


There is nothing worse than having one or multiple contractors showing up at your plant to perform work when you are in the middle of a crisis. While not always looked at as the most important task contractors need to complete compared to the work they are there to perform, a thorough contractor and visitor safety orientation must be performed for their safety as well as that of your staff. Having an all-inclusive contractor and visitor site orientation program sets the framework for your expectations of contractor behavior while on your site. This provides a consistent, tested program that all contractors and visitors would complete prior to performing any work on your site. This removes several burdens from you and your staff during some of the most hectic times your plant could be facing. First Choice Safety Solutions can not only build this program for you, but also administer it for you. 



  • Contractor / Visitor Site Orientation Safety Training 

  • Site Orientation Video Production 

  • Procedural Instruction 

  • Procedural Video Production

  • Site Accountability 

  • Testing & Vetting of Contractor and Visitors