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Confined Space Rescue standby service

Any facility with employees or contractors entering Permit-Required Confined Spaces is required by OSHA to have the ability to rescue trapped or injured employees from those spaces. It's a common myth that local Fire Departments will provide this service - but very few are trained in Confined Space Entry and even fewer provide Standby Rescue services for industries. You need a team that can support you, comprised of experienced professionals. You need First Choice Safety Solutions.

Our Team Will:

  • Attend and assist with safety briefings and any other requested planning meetings
  • Provide documented rescue plans for every confined space we support
  • Provide all rescue equipment and monitoring deemed necessary by the rescue plan
  • Consist of qualified, competent, and certified rescue staff
  • Hold OSHA qualifications for Entrant, Attendant & Entry Rescue
  • Provide medically trained personnel (First Aid/ CPR, & EMT)
  • Provide confined space attendants as allowed by the rescue planning

it's not just a precaution; it's a requirement

You Need A Confined Space Rescue Team

For Permit-Required Confined Spaces that have a hazardous atmosphere, a Confined Space Rescue Team must be at the facility.

First Choice Safety Solutions provides certified, competent, and qualified confined space rescue technicians and equipment to ensure compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 & 1926.1204 Permit-required specified space programs. But also the other reflected standards that could affect entry into a permit-required confined space such as OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 Respiratory Protection and 29 CFR 1910.120 Hazardous Materials. We will assist site personnel with assessing and evaluating work activities, and rescue needs to facilitate the safest environment possible.

The goal of every CSRT Standby Rescue Teams is never to have to rescue someone on your project. Our proactive teams do not wait for an accident/ incident to occur to engage with your staff. Instead, our staff actively assesses the work and develops risk mitigation strategies through proactive hazard identification, regular space monitoring, inspections, and permit review.

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Why You Want US to Be Your Team

Our Technical Rescue Teams are comprised of experienced professionals, both active and retired professional firefighters and emergency medical professionals, who are renowned for the extensive training, capability, and safety-conscious approach they provide to our clients each and every time. All team members hold nationally recognized Instructor and Technician Level Certifications in multiple rescue disciplines, in addition to decades of municipal and private sector emergency response experience as Sector Managers, Company Officers, Firefighters, and Rescue Technicians.

Our vast experience and capabilities will give you the compliance you require and the peace of mind you have the best possible service should the need arise. We approach everything with a "rescue prevention" mindset that starts with our safety partnership.

We believe safety is a partnership between the company that hires us, the workers we are charged with rescuing, and our employees. We bring all the needed equipment needed to ensure compliance and provide the expert assessment, Evaluation, and rescue preplanning of work activities.

Confined space rescue team
Trust Our Unmatched Knowledge and Experience


Trust Our Unmatched Knowledge and Experience

Our average rescue team crew has over 40 years of combined rescue experience. Turn-key operations with a focus on safety, our teams work out of one of our state-of-the-art, custom-designed technical rescue trailers.

In addition, standard rescue technician training and all team members are provided training through our internal training group for compliance with OSHA CFR1910.146(k)(2)(iv):

"Ensure that affected employees practice making permit space rescues at least once every 12 months, by means of simulated rescue operations in which they remove dummies, manikins, or actual persons from the actual permit spaces or from representative permit spaces. Representative permit spaces shall, with respect to opening size, configuration, and accessibility, simulate the types of permit spaces from which rescue is to be performed."

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