Outage Services


Outage Services consist of many disciplines that First Choice Safety Solutions can provide to you. Not only are safety specialists a necessity for scheduled and unscheduled outages, but there are also many other concerns you have to deal with to adhere to safety standards. Prior to the outage we can provide you with outage planning services consisting of job hazard analysis (JHA) or job safety analysis (JSA), development, review, and implementation for all plant and contractor work to be performed. With this comes the daunting task for you of outage coordination. We are able to integrate ourselves into your planning process team to assist with identifying and addressing overlapping work tasks through the JHA/JSA development phase. We would meet with each contractor group prior to the outage to assess their needs in your plant from a safety and compliance standpoint. This would include not only job preparation and timing, but also needed work permits to adhere to your plant’s policies and procedures. Never again will a necessary permit be missing or a job held up due to an outsider not knowing your plant’s methods of operation. 




  • Outage Contractor Coordination  (work planning)


  • Outage Safety Specialists         


  • JSA /JHA Development 

  • JSA /JHA Implementation 

  • JSA /JHA Review 


  • Contractor / Visitor Site Orientation Training  


  • Confined Space Assessments 

  • Confined Space Attendants 

  • Confined Space Rescue Team

  • Confined Space Supervisors


  • Certified Fire Watch


  • Fall Protection Assessment 

  • Fall Protection Rescue Planning 

  • Fall Protection Training 

  • High Angle Rescue